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These clients’ issues all seemed dissimilar, but the solution was the same …

Celia was stressed out having hired three different copy writers and still not having the right bio or speech to make the impact she wanted.

“Unni helped me in a short amount of time, and I nailed my talk!”

 Judy was going through a divorce and wanted her contribution to the family to be reflected in the settlement.

“I got everything I wanted, with no resentment or conflict. A win-win for both of us, and the kids.”

Nancy was worried her husband was leaving her and wanted to get him back and a chance at a fresh start.

Not only do I feel he respects me more now than ever before, he wants to spend time with me, he puts me first. And last week – out of the blue – he surprised me with an expensive watch!”

Henriette wanted to make better sales presentations and learned how to knock it out of the park.

“I learned to connect better with my clients, which resulted in increased sales – and my company’s boss started to pay attention to me.”

Susan avoided legal conflict with a former employee.

“The situation had gotten out of control and I was stressed out. Unni helped me draft an email and communicate in a way that dissuaded my former employee from taking legal action. I never heard from her again. In one hour the problem was fixed!”

Company X felt as if they had lost their culture, and they were losing talent.

Unni worked with our leadership and teams and, as one team member put it, ‘It changed everything. I started to want to come to work.’”

Whether you’re a company looking to retain and engage employees, or you’re an individual going through a divorce, or you want to get a promotion . . .


is how you create impact – and get the life you want.

I work with people in multiple ways, including private mentorship, group programs, or customized programs for companies.