Writer, Speaker, Truth-Teller... Citizen Activist

"We need to find the courage to really be there for one another. Because no one can go the distance alone."


Writer, Speaker, Truth-Teller... Citizen Activist

"We need to find the courage to really be there for one another. Because no one can go the distance alone."


Unni Turrettini is a writer, speaker, and involved citizen. Whether exploring the twisted mind of a lone wolf killer or the hubris of the Nobel Peace Prize committee, she shines a light on hidden secrets and motivations. Unni’s work is about truth-telling and about speaking for those who have no voice. Underneath anger there is always great pain. She feels that knowledge of human frailties and the conditioned mind can shed light on everyone’s motivations, and bring us closer to a true understanding of what drives all actions. And she believes that each one of us has the power to make a difference. The first step is awareness.



I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

- Martin Luther King Jr.

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

- Martin Luther King Jr.



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• 2016 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Winner (Best Nonfiction)

For the first time, the life and mind of Anders Behring Breivik, the most unlikely of mass murderers, is examined and set in the context of wider criminal psychology.
July 22, 2011 was the darkest day in Norway’s history since Nazi Germany’s invasion. It was 189 minutes of terror—from the moment the bomb exploded outside a government building until Breivik was apprehended by the police on the island of Utøya.

Breivik murdered seventy-seven people, most of them teenagers, and wounded hundreds more. The massacre left the world in shock.
Breivik is the archetypal lone wolf killer, often overlooked until the moment they commit their crime. Breivik is also unique as he is the only lone wolf killer in recent history to still be alive and willing to discuss his crime. With unparalleled research and a unique international perspective, The Mystery of the Lone Wolf Killer examines the massacre itself and why this lone-killer phenomenon is increasing worldwide.

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What makes person a bully and someone else a target? Bullying in different cultures; solutions that work. 

We are all conditioned to believe certain lies about ourselves and others. Most of these beliefs are based on fear. Learn to see through your conditioning and find yourself.

What are the warning signs when there’s no paper trail? What can be done to stop them? How do they differ from other mass murderers? What can be learned by studying the manifesto of a killer.

Some of the places Unni has recently appeared as a keynote speaker:

  • TEDx Institute Le Rosey, Switzerland
  • Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA
  • Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut, CA
  • University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
  • The Princeton Club, New York
  • Yale Club, New York
  • The Battery, San Francisco, CA
  • Chilton Club, Boston
  • Scandinavia House, New York
  • Barnes & Noble, New York & California
  • Private Club, New York
  • Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Oslo

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The Price of Peace is a forthcoming book about the other side of the coveted Nobel Peace Prize.
When Alfred Nobel died in 1896, his will left instructions that his vast wealth was to award five prizes in his name. Four of the prizes were to be awarded by his native Sweden, while the fifth, the Peace Prize, was to be awarded by “a committee of five persons to be elected by the Norwegian Storting.”

When Nobel died, Norway was not the economic powerhouse with the world’s highest standard of living it is today. Perhaps Nobel thought that Norway would be more objective and less prone to corruption than Sweden in promoting peace. Whatever his reasoning, the Norwegian committee has awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to individuals and organizations—worthy or not—since 1901.
In her upcoming book, Unni Turrettini turns her laser focus toward the secrets behind the selections of the Nobel Peace Prize. Working with Alfred Nobel’s relative Michael Nobel, she delves into the history of the winners, and reflects on the reasons some were selected and others were not. 


Writer, truth-teller, and devoted mother of two beautiful children. Norwegian born Unni Turrettini is an attorney and the author of The Mystery of the Lone Wolf Killer (Pegasus Books). She is working on a book about the Nobel Peace Prize. She is also contributes to:

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The Making of a Lone Wolf Killer - November 2016

What makes a mass murderer? What are the warning signs? How can killers like Breivik be identified?

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Mystery of the Lone Wolf Killer -
FOX 26 - November 2016

GREAT DAY / KMPH FOX 26, Fresno, November 5, 2015. Discussing “The Mystery of the Lone Wolf Killer”.

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Unni Turrettini

Unni Turrettini

more About Unni

Born and raised in Norway, Unni’s curiosity led her to live nearly half of her life abroad. She graduated from high school as an exchange student in Kansas City, Kansas, and she has law degrees from Norway, France, and the United States. Before becoming a full-time writer, she worked as a lawyer and in finance in Paris and Geneva, and is a member of the New York Bar. Her multicultural upbringing has provided her with a flexible worldview and a deep understanding and compassion for differences in both people and cultures. Because of her international background, she speaks and conducts research in several languages. Unni travels frequently to the United States and elsewhere to speak at conferences, colleges, universities, and associations. 

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Lawyer Turned Author


Praise for The Mystery of the Lone Wolf Killer

Praise for The Mystery of the Lone Wolf Killer

Unni Turrettini does a magnificent job of illustrating the evolution of Anders Breivik in the context of modern Norway, a world she knows is fertile ground for the development of a lone wolf terrorist. She recognizes what authorities have preferred to ignore: that privilege and comfort in a society do not eliminate the likelihood of a terrorist blooming in its midst. She [shows] what can be done to prevent the savagery lone wolves inflict in any country.

- Kathleen M. Puckett, Ph.D., author of Hunting the American Terrorist

Actions like those of lone wolf Breivik are seemingly incomprehensible and easily dismissed as those of a single crazed individual. Turrettini combines a discussion of Norwegian culture and social psychology to create a compelling analysis that is simultaneously deeper and more frightening. In today’s world, the man on a shooting spree is everyday news. Turrettini points to a solution that will surprise—and then make perfect sense.

- Sharman Apt Russell, author of DIARY OF A CITIZEN SCIENTIST

The author's argument has wide application: namely, that by overlooking announcements of intent, in effect, that these killers often make before acting, law enforcement officials will miss the lone wolf killers among us. An urgent but evenhanded treatise that deserves a wide readership.

- Kirkus Reviews

Anders Behring Breivik, whose July 22, 2011 killing spree in Norway ended 77 lives, is characterized here as a “lone wolf killer,” and compared and contrasted with past mass murderers, primarily Theodore Kaczynski and Timothy McVeigh. The thesis, that lone wolves can be identified only by sensitive observation by the communities within which they attempt to form connections, is believable and clearly stated.

 - Ricardo Laskaris, York Univ. Lib., Toronto


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My Recommendations


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